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Yo Soy Mia


From Gallery Walls to Fashion Runways. Walking Canvases and conversation pieces that are timeless. 


Traveling, Culture, and Art...  they are my passion, muse, and true inspiration. As a seasoned traveler with a passion for Art and Creative expression. I have afforded the opportunity to become an internationally recognized visual and Mixed Media Artist,  whose visual works have been exhibited and are part of private collections internationally and throughout the United States. My creative works reflect spirituality, culture, humanism, reality, and speak of advocacy for women and culture. 
I am a Fashion Industries Alum with a degree in Business, born and raised in Brooklyn NY in a creative family environment, so there is no surprise that I am an Artist.  I attribute my creative inspiration and executions to life experiences. Taking the visual arts from the canvas onto the runway has been an extended platform to bring awareness, share culture, feminine empowerment, and create dialogue utilizing sustainable, up-cycled, and hand-painted clothes that are conversation pieces. I combine the urban street, femininity, masculinity, and cultural creations in a way that is timeless and fashionably expressive. THIS IS HOW YO SOY MA WAS BORN!! 

 I really love working with local artists and vendors to create collaborative pieces that inspire and empower those who see the world through stylistically-colored glasses. The synergy that comes from many great fashion minds working together is unbelievable. My main goal is to create pieces that can make anyone look and feel amazing.

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